Pilate me, Pilate you



You’ve heard this before “Pilates are good for you”, and you, just like i did, thought it was a fib. but i tried it and damn, it worked. I knew it did because my abs almost stung after i did it, but i got to day 5 and i felt my stomach getting sucked in, literally. it got easier on day 8 afterwards, and even better on 15. so much like any other exersice, it gets easier, eventually. Pilates should be tried. look through YouTube and you’ll find great tutorials. If you don’t try it for your chi, do it for your abs.

Ama’Out xx


Smile and Be Strong


smileWhen you feel like the world in on your shoulders, like nothing is going your way, and you can feel those tears at the brink of falling, smirk at the world and say “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT”. Do not hide behind a curtain of your hair, or an actual curtain. Be confident and strong. Don’t you know that while you’re frowning, someone could be falling in love with your smile? Smiling confuses your enemies. See that teacher that picks on you in class, smile at her and watch her face burst in bewilderment. And your boss, who is just a pain in the ass, smile at him too. He probably won’t bother you, at least for that day. 

It may not seem like there is anything to smile about now, but give it a try, and soon you’ll find reason to smile. Ama’Out. 🙂

Pink, Red or Purple?


I am a lipstick girl. You are a lipstick girl. We are all secret lipstick girls! But no one can truly understand the trouble we go through when selecting the perfect lipstick. You cant just throw on a random red pigment on your lips or use a purple lip stain for school! The lipstick has to be in perfect harmony with your skin. So here are 3 criteria you can use to choose your lipstick:

  1. YOUR UNDERTONE:  Want to know what your undertone is? Look at your arm. Everyone’s skin is lighter from the wrist to the antecubital space (funny talk for the crook in your arm). So test lipstick shades on your arm and see which ones look good on you. screen-shot-2013-08-05-at-11-04-11-am
  2. YOUR REAL LIP COLOR: When choosing an appropriate lip-stick color, especially for a day time look, look for colors that are 2-4 shades darker than your actual lip color. You can go from light pink to a soft red or from nude to a dark beige. Don’t pick just one color. Try a darker or lighter shade of it. Its a safe way to experiment with lipstick15-500x229
  3. YOUR CHOICE: You can use whatever lipstick color you want, and if you wear it properly, in no time, others will copy you. So try something new now and then. Look for a purple that suits you, a green that flatters you and a yellow that puts all the attention on you. Don’t be scared to experiment. If it doesn’t work out the first time, try another color. One is bound to work. Colorful Kisses to You All. Ama’Out.

Turn Down Your Heater


cold-shower-HPWH-postOut all day in the rain or cold and pilling on layers and layers of cloths just to survive the harsh winds. Come back home and jump into the shower, turning the temperature to steaming hot. Stop for a minute! What are you doing?! Try turning the temp to warm instead. And i know, it was cold outside and you want to have a long and burning hot shower. Well, let me tell you what is seriously wrong with that: EVERYTHING! Yup, everything. No matter how rough or hard your skin may feel, the skin is a very delicate organ. Pouring that hot water on it is like setting a chihuahua on fire! Would you burn that dog? It may not be possible to take a cold shower sometimes, because its cold, but it is beneficial. Cold water closes up your pores, while hot water does the exact opposite. And if you didn’t know already, you want closed up pores. Even when washing you hair, cold water is gentler on the scalp that hot water. You may not be able to turn down the heater immediately, but start gradually to work your way down from red to blue. Don’t Burn That Chihuahua!! Ama’Out. 



nutsYes. You read it right. I said water and nuts. These 2 secret blessings should always, and i stress ALWAYS, be with you. Im sure you’ve heard at some time or the other that drinking water is good for you because is keeps you hydrated and all, but do you know that it keeps you full?! It keeps you full! many times a day, you feel like consuming some snack that will probably take you back by a week in your workout routine. Don’t eat those crisps or that cupcake! Guzzle down 2-4 glasses of water and you will feel stuffed immediately. Voila! But, if after guzzling you still feel hungry, then grab that small bag of nuts from your backpack or purse or fanny pack (ugh) and eat. Nuts have been proven to be one of the healthiest snack alternatives. They keep you chewing, which sends a message to your brain that you are no longer hungry. So buy a handy water bottle and look for the freshest almond or Brazilian nuts around you. And if you’re allergic to nuts, try substitutes like olives or sunflower seeds. Try this appetite suppressors and see yourself get less hungry! Ama’Out!

Lets Ride Beauty!


Hi there. My name is Amara and i am beauty enthusiast…OK, maybe I’m more obsessive than enthusiastic. I didn’t always bother about beauty and the intricacies of healthy living because i thought vanity was just a futile waste of money, space and time. It was only recently that i realized that being a little vain is fine. In fact, its recommended. So this blog is for all those people who know they are beautiful inside but are just waiting for their outside to catch up. For those who are gradually developing from their wall-flower personalities to the people worth looking at twice. And for those who just want a little vanity in their lives. So wake up your inner goddesses from their slumber because we are about to ride beauty like a horse! Yeee Hao!!